DK Landscaping Farm Experience

Entry Only $8

Great For All Ages!

Pinellas County's Petting Zoo

See Lots Of Chickens Including the Babies  • Hand Feed the Goats* Meet Jenny the DonkeyQuack at the Ducks   

Collect Your own Eggs*

Take Fun Photo Ops   •  Snort with the Pigs

     Pet the Baby Goats  • Hold a Chicken &  Bunny

Pony Rides Coming Soon!


Admission $8 Per Guest 2 & Under Free

Guests will not be aloud inside most animal exhibits for safety for everyone. You will be able to go into to pet a Pig, Chicken & Bunnies. All guests will be in reaching distance from almost all the animals. DK yearly events may change the pricing and times 

*Additional cost above admission